ATLAS: BBOX interpreter

An interpreter for the BBOX language has been written.

GAP version

The GAP version of the interpreter has two commands.

Command: prepareblackbox(filename)

This command loads a BBOX program into memory, transforms it into an intermediate form ready for executing and performs a rudimentary syntax check. If successful, the program returns a structure containing a BBOX program ready for running.

Command: blackbox(group, program, elements, options)

This command runs a pre-loaded BBOX program on a given group. The parameters are:
The group on which the algorithm is to be run;
The BBOX program (the result of a call to prepareblackbox)
A list of elements to become the initial `numbered' elements. These might be a set of group generators for example, or it could just be an empty list.
A record containing various options to control the execution of the program. No component is mandatory.
The options have the following meanings:
If true, print each instruction before executing. False by default.
If true, ignore all echo instructions in the program. False by default.
A function to replace GAP's Order method. Sometimes useful for large matrix groups, where we substitute a `vector order' method.
If false, continue after reaching a timeout instruction (printing a warning). True by default.
If true, allow break instructions, otherwise ignore them. True by default.

Magma version

There is currently no Magma version of the interpreter available.
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Version 2.0 created on 31st January 2005 by Simon Nickerson.
Last updated 31.01.05 by SJN.