About this representation

Group 31+12.2Suz.2
Group generators Generators (factor out a normal subgroup)
Generators warning This group is a quotient of the split extension 31+12:6Suz.2 by a normal subgroup of order 3. We give three generators for this split extension, and the fourth element is a generator for the subgroup of order 3 which has to be factored out
Dimension 38
Ring GF(3)
Characteristic 3
Irreducibility information Decomposable
Notes Representation is of shape 1.12.1 + 12.12, with 1.12.1 representing 31+12:2Suz.2, and 12.12 representing 6Suz.2.
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This representation is available in the following formats:

MeatAxe C D E x
MeatAxe binary C D E x
GAP C, D, E, x
Magma C, D, E, x

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