ATLAS: Ree group R(27)

Order = 10073444472 =
Mult = 1.
Out = 3.

The following information is available for R(27):

Standard generators

Standard generators of R(27) are a and b where a has order 2, b is in class 3A and ab has order 19.

Standard [G1-]generators of R(27):3 are c and d where c has order 2, d is in class 3D (or 3D'), cd has order 21, cdcdd has order 14 and cdcdcdcddcdcddcdd has order 9. These conditions distinguish classes 3D and 3D'.

NB: d is a conjugate of the Frobenius automorphism that cubes field elements.


An outer automorphism may be obtained by mapping (a, b) to (a, babababbabb).
We take G2-standard generators of R(27):3 to be a, b and the above automorphism.
We may obtain (a conjugate of) (c, d) by setting c = a and d = vavav where v = (abu)7 and u is the above automorphism.

Black box algorithms

To find standard generators of R(27): To find standard generators of R(27).3:


The representations of R(27) available are: The representations of R(27):3 available are:

Maximal subgroups

The maximal subgroups of R(27) are: The maximal subgroups of R(27):3 are: NB: Let S be a Sylow 3-subgroup of R(27). Then we have 1 < Z(S) < S' < S with |Z(S)| = 27 and |S'| = 729, Both Z(S) and S' are elementary abelian. The quotient S/Z(S) is special of exponent 3 and centre of order 27. All elements of S not in S' have order 9, and cube into Z(S).

Conjugacy classes

The 35 conjugacy classes of R(27) are roughly as follows: A program to calculate representatives of the maximal cyclic subgroups of R(27) is given here.

A program to calculate representatives of the maximal cyclic subgroups of R(27):3 is given here.

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