ATLAS: ftp access

Owing to the demise of sylow, the ftp instructions on many of these pages are now incorrect. To prevent a problem of this type in future, the ftp access instructions will now be kept on this page.

To access this Atlas via ftp: ftp
Log in as user atlasftp with password atlasftp.

It is possible to access both v1 and v2.0 from this site. The directories reps (for representations) and words (for word programs) contain v1­material. This version of the atlas is kept in directory v2.0. The subdirectory structure of v2.0 is identical to that for Web access. Thus the levels are as follows (from top to bottom).

The representations, presentations and word programs are located at the lowest level, and are arranged firstly by the group to which they belong, and then by format type, regardless of the type of representation it is. Thus all MeatAxe binary files are found in bin directories and all GAP files are found in gap directories (except that the characteristic zero matrix representations are currently stored in gap0 directories).

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Version 2.0 created on 17th October 2000.
Last updated 03.08.04 by SJN.
R.A.Wilson, R.A.Parker and J.N.Bray.