ATLAS: Non­split extension 214.U7(2)

Order = 3732063900024176640 =
Mult = 1.
Out = 2.
The page for the image U7(2) is available here.

The following information is available for 214.U7(2):

Standard generators

Standard generators of 214.U7(2) are a and b where a is in class 2C, b has order 7 and ab has order 33. No extra conditions (such as abb having order 45) are required. These generators map onto standard generators of U7(2).

Standard generators of 214.U7(2):2 are not defined.

Note that 214.U7(2) has a unique conjugacy class of subgroups of index 10836, and we may take a to be a central involution in such a subgroup. In fact, this subgroup turns out to be C(a). Also, a happens to be in a class of 3­transpositions, and a commutes with 2644 of its conjugates. The orbits of C(a) [acting by conjugation] on the conjugates of a have sizes 1, 3, 2640 and 8192.

Remark: As far as we know, this group was discovered by J.I.Hall. He also discovered its 3­transposition property.


An outer automorphism of 214.U7(2) may be obtained by mapping (a, b) to (a, b-1).


A presentation of 214.U7(2) on its standard generators is given below.

< a, b | a2 = b7 = (ab)33 = [a, b]3 = [a, b2]3 = [a, b3]3 = [a, bab]2 = [a, b2ab2]2 = [a, bab2]3 = (abab3abab-2ab-2)6 = 1 >.

This presentation is available in Magma format as follows: 214.U7(2) on a and b.


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