This representation has been flagged as having certain problems. The details are as follows:

Matrices actually generate M22

About this representation

Group McL:2
Group generators Standard generators
Dimension 896
Distinguishing letter a
Ring GF(4)
Characteristic 2
Contributed by Not recorded


This representation is available in the following formats:

MeatAxe c d
MeatAxe binary c d
GAP c d
GAP c, d
Magma c, d

Checks applied

Check Description Date Checked by Result
Presentation Check against the relations in a presentation. If this test passes, then the group is of the correct isomorphism type, and the generators are those stated. Note that the presentation itself is not checked here. Aug 3, 2006 version 0.05 FAIL
Semi-presentation Check against a semi-presentation. If this fails, then the representation is not on standard generators, and may generate the wrong group. Note that the semi-presentation itself is not checked here. Aug 3, 2006 version 0.05 FAIL
Dimension/field Check the dimension and field/ring of the representation. Jul 4, 2006 version 0.05 Pass
Files exist Check whether files exist (where stated). Jul 4, 2006 version 0.05 Pass
Irreducibility Check the irreducibility type is correct. Jul 5, 2006 v0.2 Pass