About this representation

Group U3(3)
Group generators Standard generators
Dimension 7
Distinguishing letter b
Ring GF(49)
Characteristic 7
Irreducibility information Absolutely irreducible
Indicator o
Dimension of 1-cohomology 0
Dimension of 2-cohomology 0
Contributed by Not recorded


This representation is available in the following formats:

MeatAxe a b
MeatAxe binary a b
GAP a b
GAP a, b
Magma a, b

Checks applied

Check Description Date Checked by Result
Dimension/field Check the dimension and field/ring of the representation. Jul 4, 2006 certify.pl version 0.05 Pass
Files exist Check whether files exist (where stated). Jul 4, 2006 certify.pl version 0.05 Pass
Irreducibility Check the irreducibility type is correct. Jul 5, 2006 irr.pl v0.2 Pass