About this representation

Group Suz
Group generators Standard generators
Number of points 135135
Primitivity information Primitive
Transitivity degree 1
Rank 9
Suborbit lengths 1, 54, 360, 1728, 5120, 9216, 17280, 46080, 55296
Point stabiliser 21+6.U4(2)
Contributed by John Bray


This representation is available in the following formats:

MeatAxe a b
MeatAxe binary a b
GAP a b
GAP a, b
Magma a, b

Checks applied

Check Description Date Checked by Result
Semi-presentation Check against a semi-presentation. If this fails, then the representation is not on standard generators, and may generate the wrong group. Note that the semi-presentation itself is not checked here. Jul 4, 2006 certify.pl version 0.05 Pass
Order Check that the elements generate a group of the correct order. Jul 5, 2006 permanalyse version 0.03 Pass
Number of points Check whether the permutation representation is acting on the stated number of points. Jul 4, 2006 certify.pl version 0.05 Pass
Files exist Check whether files exist (where stated). Jul 4, 2006 certify.pl version 0.05 Pass