ATLAS: Unitary group U4(3)

Order = 3265920 =
Mult = 32 × 4.
Out = D8.

Standard generators

U4(3) and covers

The following are images of the standard generators under certain outer automorphisms:

U4(3).21 and covers

U4(3).4 and covers

U4(3).22 and covers

U4(3).23 and covers

U4(3).D8 and covers

The full envelope of U4(3) is 4.3^2.U4(3).D8. The bicyclic extensions are as follows: together with some others that I forgot, such as 3_2.U4(3).2_3' and the like.

Other extensions for which representations are available are:


U4(3) and covers

U4(3).2_1 and covers

U4(3).4 and covers

U4(3).2_3 and covers

U4(3).D8 and covers

Maximal subgroups

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