ATLAS: Exceptional group F4(2)

Order = 3311126603366400 =
Mult = 2.
Out = 2.

Standard generators

Standard generators of F4(2) are a and b where a is in class 2C, b is in class 3C, ab has order 17 and ababababbababbabb has order 13.
Standard generators of the double cover 2.F4(2) are preimages A and B where B has order 3 and AB has order 17.

Standard generators of F4(2):2 are c and d where c is in class 2E, d is in class 3AB, cd has order 40 (in fact this is in class 40B) and abababb has order 10.
Standard generators of either of the double covers 2.F4(2).2 are preimages C and D where D has order 3.


An image of (a, b) under an outer automorphism is given by ((ab)^-5a(ab)^5, (abb)^-3bb(abb)^3).


The representations of F4(2) available are: The representations of 2.F4(2) available are: The representation of F4(2).2 available is: The representations of 2.F4(2).2 available are: The representations of 2.F4(2).4 = 2.(F4(2) × 2).2 available are:

Maximal subgroups

Maximal subgroups of F4(2) include:
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