ATLAS: WORK to be done

Special problems

Individual groups

Sporadic groups

GroupStatusCheck level
M11In good shape
Words to standardize subgroup generators required
Gap versions of integral reps needed
M12In reasonable shape
M22One char 0 representation to copy.
12M22.2 rep to sort out. Checks to do.
Class lists for 12M22(.2) are essential to check virtue
M23In good shape0
M24In reasonable shape
Integral representation not copied
J1In reasonable shape1
J2In reasonable shape - integral rep to copy0
J3In reasonable shape
Words for G.2 required.
J4In good shape1
HSIn reasonable shape
Integral rep not copied
McLIn reasonable shape - integral rep to copy
Word for auto to copy. Words for G.2 to calculate
SuzIn reasonable shape0
Co3In reasonable shape0
Co2In reasonable shape1
Co1In reasonable shape1
HeIn reasonable shape
Generality to deal with
Some words to copy
F22In reasonable shape
F23In reasonable shape0
F24'In reasonable shape0
HNIn reasonable shape0
ThIn reasonable shape1
BIn reasonable shape0
MIn reasonable shape1
ONIn reasonable shape
Classes for G.2 required.
RuIn reasonable shape
Generality to sort out
LyIn reasonable shape0

Alternating groups

GroupStatusCheck level
A5In reasonable shape
A6In reasonable shape
A7Work in progress
A8In reasonable shape
A9representations copied, except two magma integral representations
Words to copy.
A10representations copied, except one magma integral representation
Words to copy.
A11representations copied, except one magma presentation
Words to copy.
A12In reasonable shape
A13In reasonable shape
A14In reasonable shape

Linear groups

GroupStatusCheck level
L27HTML page exists, representations need copying
L28In reasonable shape
L211Integral reps to copy. Otherwise in reasonable shape.
L213In reasonable shape. Words for subgroups needed.
L216more words needed. otherwise in reasonable shape
L217In reasonable shape. Words needed
L219In reasonable shape
More words needed.
L225Nothing done yet
L227Automorphism groups needed
L229In reasonable shape.
Standard generators for G.2 required
L231In reasonable shape
L232In reasonable shape
L249Representations of aut gps needed
L281Nothing done yet
L33Characteristic 0 reps still to copy.
Words to calculate.
L34HTML page exists. Lots to do...
L35In reasonable shape
L37In reasonable shape
L38Nothing done yet
L39Nothing done yet
L311Representations and standard generators of G.2 needed.
L43Nothing done yet
L52In reasonable shape. Some words needed
L62In reasonable shape.

Other classical groups

GroupStatusCheck level
U33In reasonable shape
Some words still required
U34Nothing done yet
U35Nothing done yet
U37Nothing done yet
U38Nothing done yet
U39Nothing done yet
U311In reasonable shape
U42In reasonable shape
Words required
U43HTML page exists. Lots to do...
U52Work in progress
U62Work in progress
U72In reasonable shape
O73In reasonable shape
Needs bbox, maxs, ccls, etc.
O8+2Nothing done yet
O8-2In reasonable shape
Need bbox, etc
O8+3Nothing done yet
O8-3In reasonable shape
O93In reasonable shape
O10+2Nothing done yet
O10-2In reasonable shape
S44In reasonable shape
S45In reasonable shape
Rep names for F4- and F9-reps of S4(5) to sort out
Word programs to sort out
S47In reasonable shape
S62In reasonable shape
S63In reasonable shape
Words for max3 required.
S82In reasonable shape
S102In reasonable shape

Exceptional groups of Lie type

Most of these groups are now in a reasonable state, although in most cases nothing has been checked. They are being released to the public in a 'beta-test' state. Use at your own risk!

GroupStatusCheck level
E62 In reasonable shape.
Need definition of standard generators [say for the G1-generators]
E64In reasonable shape
E72In reasonable shape
E74In reasonable shape
E82In reasonable shape
E85In reasonable shape
F42In reasonable shape
G23 Integral reps. still to copy.
Presentations not in `mechanical' format.
Words for maxes of G.2 required.
G24In reasonable shape.
Words for maxes of G.2 required.
G25In reasonable shape.
2F42' In reasonable shape.
3D42 In reasonable shape
No checks done.
2E62 Standard generators for extensions required.
Some words still need copying
Sz8In reasonable shape.
Sz32In reasonable shape.
Lie coproduct to copy and sort out.
Words for subgroups of G.5 to calculate
R27In reasonable shape.
Words needed for some subgroups of G.3

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Version 2.0 workfile created on 12th April 2000.
Last updated 24.01.02 by RAW.
R.A.Wilson, R.A.Parker and J.N.Bray.